Being a Fiber got from oil, polyester is water-safe as well as consequently not spongy. The dampness recapture is just 0.4% at normal temperature and mugginess conditions. Consequently polyester textures don't ingest sweat as well as can provide one a clammy, warm and moist feel. Fibers normally have a least level of strength and wicking can shift significantly as it can be regulated by how much illustration (extending) happens amid manufacturing. These qualities are viewed as direct to high. Greater fiber qualities will make more grounded textures. Since this is delivered from oil, our product isn't viewed as economical and this isn't biodegradable.

Key Features:
  • Opposes wrinkling and abrasion
  • High warmth can liquefy the texture
  • Thermal can be utilized to for all time thermal set a pleat or crease
  • Simple to wear and wash
Product Image (11D)

Raw Cotton

  • Usage:Raw cotton is for textile yarn production
  • Application:Textile Industry
Product Image (11A)

Polyester Staple Fiber

  • Usage:Used in textile industry
  • HS Code:5503200000
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Viscose Fiber

  • Product Type:Virgin
  • HS Code:5504109000
  • Properties:Used in textile industry