General Chemicals

The scope of our General Chemicals can be utilized in scope of industrial, municipal, manufacturing and commercial procedure usages. Our scope of savvy general chemicals are produced to the most noteworthy quality norms to convey unrivaled execution. Offered chemicals division supplies general and bulk synthetic items comprising solvents, plasticizers and acids. Amounts provided rely upon every client's necessities and scope from tanker conveyances to middle of the road mass compartments to 25kg or 50 kg sacks. General Chemicals are usually utilized like a water scrounger in water-sensitive responses as well as have usages like agrochemical and pharmaceutical moderate.

Key Features:

  • Less discharge of perilous chemicals to air prompting less harm to lungs
  • Expanded protection for specialists in the compound business
  • Less individual defensive equipment demanded
  • Removal of tenacious harmful chemicals can enter the natural pecking order
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Prilled Ammonium Nitrate

Prilled Ammonium Nitrate Used as a raw material for chemical industry; as raw material for emulsion explosive production. Treated with anticaking agent Free from lumps and harmful substances

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Maleic anhydride

Maleic anhydride is used for polyester and epoxy resins production, It used for the production of polymer materials, alkyd and polymer resins, in the production of synthetic fibers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, additives and fuel stabilizers, fumaric and malic acids, agricultural preparations.

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Sulfamic acid

  • Usage:Used for cleaning of industrial equipment and metal parts, for cleaning and disinfection of kitchen and dining utensils; as component for detergents and antiscale agents, as intermediate for the synthesis of some chemicals and herbicides, for electroplating, for removal of mucus from water cooling systems and swimming pools, for treatment of oil wells zone
  • Shelf Life:12 Months
  • Application: Industrial
  • Appearance:White crystalline
  • CAS No:5329-14-6
  • Molecular Formula:NH2SO3H
  • EINECS No:226-218-8
  • Purity:99.5%
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  • CAS No:1071-83-6
  • Purity:95%
  • EINECS No:213-997-4
  • Molecular Formula:C3H8NO5P
  • Product Type:Organophosphorus compound
  • HS Code:2931901916
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Usage:Used as herbicide for agricultural industry
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  • Purity:99.6%
  • CAS No:79-01-6
  • Ph Level:7-10
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Usage:Used as cleaning agent for laundry, solvent for organic materials, for metal surface treatment, for refrigerant production, in medicine and other
  • Application: Industrial
  • EINECS No:201-167-4
  • Molecular Formula:C2HCl3
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  • Purity:96%
  • Molecular Formula:(CH2O)n
  • EINECS No:200-001-8
  • Product Type:Polyoxymethylene
  • CAS No:30525-89-4
  • Ph Level:5-9
  • Appearance:White granule
  • Physical Form:Solid
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Oxalic acid

  • CAS No:144-62-7 and 6153-56-6
  • Product Type:Organic acid
  • EINECS No:205-634-3
  • Molecular Formula:(COOH)2
  • Purity:99.6%
  • Application: Industrial
  • Usage:Used as mordant for textile and leather, as bleaching agent for textile and wood pulp, as rust remover in metal treatment, for waste water treatment, in pharmaceutical industry, as chemical reagent and others
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
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Magnesium sulphate

  • Appearance:White powder
  • Physical Form:Solid
  • HS Code:2833210000
  • EINECS No:231-298-2
  • Molecular Formula:MgSO47H2O
  • Product Type:Inorganic salt
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Grade:Industrial
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  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • Appearance:Transparent liquid
  • Application: Industrial
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • HS Code:29032200
  • Usage:Used as solvent for dry cleaning (laundry), metals degreasing, in textile industry and for freon production
  • Product Type:Solvent
  • Purity:99.9%
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Sodium formate

  • HS Code:29151200
  • Appearance:White crystal powder
  • Physical Form:Solid
  • EINECS No:205-488-0
  • Molecular Formula:HCO2Na
  • Product Type:Sodium salt of formic acid
  • Usage:Used as anti-freezing agent in mass concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and de-icing agent. It can be used for leather tanning, textile printing and dying processes, as feed additive
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
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Calcium chloride

  • HS Code:2827200000
  • Appearance:White pellet, powder or granules
  • Product Type:Inorganic compound
  • EINECS No:233-140-8
  • Molecular Formula:CaCl2
  • Application: Industrial
  • Usage:Used as deicing agent, cement setting accelerator, drying and dehydrating agent for liquids and gas, nutrients for crops in agricultural industry, for animal feed, food processing, in dyestuff, mining, oil and gas drilling and others
  • Taste:Odorless
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Citric Acid Monohydrate

  • HS Code:2918140000
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Taste:Odorless
  • Usage:Used as preservative, acidulant, flavouring in food and beverages production,also used for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents production, in metallurgy, as cement setting retarder in building and constructions indusrties
  • Application:food
  • Appearance:Colorless or white crystals
  • Solubility:Soluble in water
  • Physical Form:Solid
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Citric acid anhydrous

  • Taste:Odorless
  • Usage:Used as preservative, acidulant, flavouring in food and beverages production,also used for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents production, in metallurgy, as cement setting retarder in building and constructions indusrties
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Grade:Food, industrial
  • Melting Point:153 C
  • CAS No:77-92-9
  • Purity:99.5-100.5%
  • Appearance:Colorless or white crystals
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Phosphoric acid

  • Product Type:Inorganic acid
  • Molecular Formula:H3PO4
  • EINECS No:231-633-2
  • HS Code:2809201100
  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • CAS No:7664-38-2
  • Melting Point:42.4
  • Purity:75, 85
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Calcium formate

  • Purity:98
  • Melting Point:300
  • CAS No:544-17-2
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Usage:Used in constructions and building industry as cement additive for setting acceleration, hardness increasing and as anti-freeze additive. Also can be used as de-icing agent, in leather industry for leather tanning, as feed additive
  • Application: Industrial
  • Molecular Formula:Ca(HCOO)2
  • EINECS No:208-863-7
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Soda ash

  • HS Code:2836000000
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Appearance:White powder
  • EINECS No:207-838-8
  • Molecular Formula:Na2CO3
  • Usage:Widely used in different industries: as food additive, in production of glass, detergents, in chemical, water treatment and pulp and paper industries and other
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Ph Level:11.6
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Caustic soda

  • Product Type:Inorganic compound
  • Molecular Formula:NaOH
  • EINECS No:215-185-5
  • Physical Form:Solid
  • Shape:Granules
  • Appearance:White flakes or pearls
  • HS Code:28151100
  • Purity:99
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Monochloroacetic Acid

  • Molecular Formula:C2H3ClO2
  • Product Type:Organic acid
  • Poisonous:YES
  • Appearance:White crystal
  • Shape:Crystal
  • Physical Form:Solid
  • HS Code:291540
  • Purity:98