Rubber Processing

Various contents are added to both characteristic and engineered elastic to acquire certain attractive properties with our Rubber Processing Chemicals. By tradition, blend compositions start with the measure of the assigned elastomeric, for example, common elastic, styrene-butadiene rubber or butadiene elastic- provided as 100 sections by weight. The measure of Rubber Processing is then communicated in parts by weight included per 100 sections by elastomeric weight. The most imperative fixings are those, known as the cure bundle that induce interlinking responses to happen when the blend is "treated."

Key Features:

  • The completely perfect polymeric fastener permits to be joined
  • Blend considerably more rapidly and consistently than cyanurate itself
  • Quicker blend cycles are promptly obvious in process blending
  • Are likewise invaluable in inward blenders
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Rubber additives

  • Usage:Accelerator for production of rubber such as rubber tyres
  • Appearance:Grey-white granule
  • HS Code:2934200090
  • Shelf Life:6 Months
  • Purity:95%
  • Physical Form:Solid
  • Molecular Formula:C13H16N2S2
  • CAS No:95-33-0