Our Services
Along with products supplies Chempartners China provides comprehensive service in order to protect your interests and ensure your business expansion and success. Our wide experience in different industries, market knowledge, professional team speaking in English, Chinese and Russian, individual approach are all at your disposal.

Our services include:

  1. Representative service
    Our company will be glad to represent your business interests in China as well as help you to open your representative office or joint venture in China.

  2. Logistic service
    Please contact us if you intend to optimize your transport inland and foreign costs.  We will find the best logistic solution for you.

  3. Quality control service
    A pre-shipment inspection of cargo you are about to ship and consequent tests of the collected samples save a considerable amount of time and money. ChemPartners has a wide network of its own inspectors and good relations with many industrial testing centers. We provide pre-shipment inspection services in accordance with most stringent requirements and product testing services in authorized laboratories according to local and international standards.

  4. Due diligence service
    In order to make sure that your Chinese supplier is reliable and responsible partner we can arrange  preaudition and audition service of supplier.

  5. Law service
    If you happen to get into a problem with your Chinese partner and feel that diplomatic negotiation has exhausted itself, it may be a good time to consider legal methods to solve your issue. We would be happy to help with this. If you have not yet come into contractual relations with your Chinese partner and want to assess and improve your legal position, we would be ready to assist as well.

  6. Entering China with your product
    With an aim to help your product reach the entire marketplace across China and elsewhere, the company adapts advanced product promoting activities, product development schemes and superior marketing. Our comprehensive approach along with the sound presence and relations with various associates across the markets help us deliver high results.

    Being open to all your requirements for your product reach across the Chinese marketplace, we offer custom-tailored packages where your products are evaluated according to their demands and distribution ways are decided accordingly. We are backed with a team of skilled and dedicated personnel for sales and have functionally active distribution channels and a spacious warehouse, which help us to deliver prompt solutions.

  7. Trade financing
    With every rise in the industries of China comes an enhanced bargaining power of suppliers. We are assisting buyers who feel insecure in bringing cash and feel that it lowers their competitiveness and turnovers, by developing satisfactory solutions. A wide range of payment basis like letters of credit (at sight, deferred), factoring, CAD, open accounts, down payment at sight, etc. to easily optimizing our dealings.

    To study our clients' cases and giving them the best optimized proposals, has been the company's forte. Many international buyers (small and big alike) found it exceedingly beneficial to avail our services for their sales growth. All our services are highly transparent and we maintain cordial relations with all the vendors, clients and other associates.

  8. Individual solutions for your case
    Your ideas and business proposals are always welcome.

    The service we provide is to help you and your company to realize your business plans in China faster, cheaper and comfortable.